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The Squid’s Ear – June 2007

Miller first came to note in Robert Wyatt‘s post Soft-Machine band, Matching Mole. Since then he’s built a great catalogue of tunes, particularly with his “In Cahoots” band, which has released eight albums since 1985. “Conspiracy Theories” is extremely melodic, gentle music without being muzak-y in the slightest way. The Canterbury sound always embraced melody, and this album is the result of decades of playing, listening and composing. No doubt this is a fusion release, but in the best sense, and if all fusion had followed such magnificent form the genre would be less panned by many a listener an critic. The pieces on this CD show some incredibly tasteful, lovely playing over thoughtful and unhurried music from musicians who know how to lay back and say what’s on their mind at their own pace.

From The Squid’s Ear

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